Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Zoe is 10!

Here she is! My oldest child has entered double digits!!! I had hoped that I would have raising her figured out a bit better by now. Unfortunately, this child of mine continues to be my nemesis. She asks me to take her to Target or some kind of store almost every time she talks to me, even though the answer is almost always "NO". I'm pretty sure she has a future in film making because she spends a lot of time creating short films. DIY youtube videos occupy a lot of her time too. This summer has involved a lot of glue and paint. She likes to irritate her brothers and argue with her parents. Zoe is like a tornado that leaves a mess in her wake. Her room is like an episode of hoarders. If she could eat sugary food all of the time she would be content. I'm not talking sweets like cake and cookies. Marshmallows beat out brownies every time. I don't know where she came from. Zoe is defintely her own person. Despite some of her difficult qualities there exists a creative genius in that tiny body. She has a mind that I clearly don't understand and I certainly don't want to crush her spirit; although I fear I do just that everyday. She is one who is desperate to get what she desires but her happiness from having her desires met quickly dissipates as she is already thinking about what she wants next. Holidays are more fun when Zoe is around because her enthusiasm for them is infectious. Disneyland, wakeboarding, snowboarding, sledding, boogieboarding, and skate boarding are all apart of Zoe's to-do list. This little person keeps me on my toes daily. My goal is that she likes me by the time she's 19. Let's hope we both survive until then.

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